How uncommon are DEC racks these days

Patrick Finnegan pat at
Thu Dec 27 11:44:58 CST 2007

Fine, I have to disagree with this sorting a bit.

On Wednesday 26 December 2007 08:32, Allison wrote:
> You can buy or find these fairly cheap
> =======================================
> PDP-11 Unibus

Not cheap, unless you find someone who hasn't discovered ebay yet.

> PDP-8[E,F,M,a] omnibus


> Good luck!
> ============
> VAX (78x series, )

Maybe harder to find, but also relatively cheap if you do.  The last two 
that I got from ebay were $60 (three years ago) and $200 (this year), 
respectively.  I haven't seen ANY -8 go for less than about $1500, and 
any Unibus-11 is going to be well over $200, with toggles, probably no 
less than $800 for a /5 or /10, or $1k+ for anything that has an MMU 
(and speed).

Though, I know there's at least one person on the list (though not 
geographically near you) who has 11/780s that they told me that they 
want to part with.  I don't want to post who, just in case. :)

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