how to connect a DECprinter I (LA180) ?

Henk Gooijen henk.gooijen at
Sat Dec 29 05:08:15 CST 2007

> To: cctalk at> Date: Sat, 29 Dec 2007 00:54:03 -0500> From: tiggerlasv at> Subject: how to connect a DECprinter I (LA180) ?> > > The LA180 cable (at least for use with an LPV11) is a BC11S-25.> > That is a round cable with a 40-pin BERG on each end.> > I couldn't tell you if all the pins are used or not,> or if the connections are pin-for-pin.> > The LA180 engineering print set is available at??> although it is in two parts, in multi-page TIFF format, takes up 20 MB,> and takes FOREVER to load in Windows.?? Would be nice if someone> converted it to PDF format.?? ;-)> > Tim
Another attempt to see if my replies to the list come over a bit better.
I have set and checked all suggestions, and change the font type to
Courier New after typing the message. If this message gets to the list,
I will see how it's presented. If it is still bad, I better stop using
webmail, and switch to Outlook Express (and keep fingers crossed) ...
The LA180 cable indeed is the BC11S-xx where xx stands for the length in
feet (25, 50 or 100).
I checked visually, not all 40 pins are used. At both sides 19 pins are
wired, first 2 pins, then one open and then 17 pins. The print set will
show which pins actually carry signals. Ethan already mentioned that he
used a straight 1:1 flatcable.
:-)  I scanned the 2 parts multi-page TIFF back in the days when the Océ
3165 scanner and image processing only output was TIFF. It still is, but
nowadays you can select "pdf". It is still TIFF, but with a "pdf jacket"
to present the data easier (acrobat reader). I don't work for Océ anymore
but I still think the 3165 (or successors) is a very nice copier/printer
and scanner (600 dpi, 8 bit, 256 grey scale).
Windows 98 has a very good TIFF viewer (in "accessories -> imager") from
Kodak, IIRC.

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