Any ideas what this machine was?

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Sat Dec 29 05:21:13 CST 2007

On 29/12/2007, at 6:02 AM, Will Kemp wrote:

> Back in the early 80s, i worked as an assembler programmer for Reuters
> in London. I was involved with maintenance and development of software
> on two platforms - one was the PDP11, but the other was a much more
> obscure machine and i can't remember the name of the manufacturer.
> These machines ran IBM 360 machine code and we did the development in
> 360 assembly language on an IBM 370, which was later upgraded to a  
> 4340.
> Recently i've been trying to remember the name of the manufacturer of
> these machines, but i just haven't got a clue - although i'm sure i'd
> recognise it if i saw it. I've looked through computer history  
> sites on
> the web, hoping i'd come across the manufacturer's name and recognise
> it, but i never have. So if anyone knows, or can give me any clues,  
> i'd
> be grateful.

Interdata made a range of systems that were IBM 360 compatible.

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