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Fred Cisin cisin at
Sun Dec 30 00:43:05 CST 2007

On Sun, 30 Dec 2007, der Mouse wrote:
> This impression dates back long enough that I no longer have any idea
> where I got it, but it must ahve been a source authoritative-seeming
> enough for me to have believd it at the time.  Someday I should go look
> up the real X3.4....

I remember being confused when I read in some Tandy docs that "character
13 is newline".  It might have been the same document that said that
"RS232" meant "Radio Shack 232".

"... nice thing about standards is that everyone can have a unique one of
their own"     - George Morrow

My DTC300's (Hitype I daisy wheel) permitted extensive use of 0Ah as
linefeed WITHOUT carriage return in plotting mode, and could use CR
without LF for BOLD, overstrike, and underline.
My first DTC300 didn't have a working "Auto LF" switch, but when Jim
Bertera fixed that for me, I finally got my TRS80 to print.  Prior to
that, it was in "paper saving mode", and printed each page of text on a
single line. (Electric Pencil and Scripsit)

I'm far from expert in it, but for 30+ years, I've been struggling with
implementation dependent interpretations of newline, and was suggesting
that that might be at the root of the missing newlines in some mail
quotes.   Consider the possibility of a crude filter to convert CRLF to CR
by deleting all LFs.  Now feed THAT some text that uses LF for newline.
That's why THAT filter should only delete the LFs that follow CRs.

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