Arty computers

Warren Wolfe wizard at
Thu Feb 1 03:28:22 CST 2007

Ahoy the list....

    Arty computers, eh?  I've watched this thread with some care, and I
have to say, considering the population of the list, that nobody has
mentioned the DEC computers so near and dear to many of your hearts.
>From the incredible PDP-1, with it's monitor that looked like the
scanner from a futuristic spaceship, the cockpit look of the PDP-12, to
the incredible Oh-So-Seventies Op-Art look of much of the line, with the
PDP-8 in Earthtone profusion, the Diabolic looking PDP-11/40, and the
ballsy PDP-11/70 with the outrageous red and purple color scheme, why
didn't I see even ONE reference to them?  I am not a PDP man myself, at
least not much.  I only ended up actually working on a PDP-11/23 (which
is one of the LEAST artistic of the line, BTW.)

    Come on...  stand up for your machines!


            Warren E. Wolfe
            wizard at

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