TRS-80 Model 1 (was: Arty computers (was: Re: PDP-11/70 in Yates Center, KS)

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Thu Feb 1 10:00:20 CST 2007

Rumor has it that Tony Duell may have mentioned these words:
> > (...or "artless" computers. TRS-80 model 1?)
>You know, for all I have a soft spot for the Model 1 (it was my first
>real computer), I am inclined to agree with you. There's nothing
>interesting about the design, neither electroically or mechanically.
>There's nothing particularly bad about it either (at least not compared
>to one of its contemporaries), but it's just not interesting...

I dunno... Wasn't the Model 1 the first commercial microcomputer with voice 
recognition abilities? [1]

I remember working (read: tinkering ;-) on a Model 1 in High school (as it 
was abandoned by everyone once we'd gotten 6 shiny new Model 4 machines) 
and it had a TRS-80 branded peripheral called the "Vox-Box." It had a 
Citizens-Band microphone hooked into (I'm guessing) an A-D converter that 
hooked onto the expansion buss. I actually got it "working" but noticed 
that the recognition wasn't the best, and IIRC you got maybe 20 words max. 
The included program let you "teach" the computer digits 0-9 & a few other 
commands (Save/Load/etc.)

This was in '83-'84 when I tinkered with it, dunno how old the "Vox-Box" 
actually was, tho.

Did anything exist (commercially) like that previously to the Model 1?

Roger "Merch" Merchberger

[1] Yes, I know it's almost a lie to call it that... but what the heck can 
ya expect in 48K??? ;-)

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