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> >  Consider the time frame. Also take into
> consideration
> > the entire package, including the packaging. Very
> > artsy fartsy I must say. There wasn't much else in
> the
> > period aimed to be stylish (until the Macs I
> guess, or
> > the Lisa).
> I think the TS-802 is a lot more stylish than that
> rounded box.

 It's all a matter of opinion. Beauty is in the eye of
the beholder. Does the TS-802 have're not
going to find me saying no, but more stylish then a
Mindset? IMHO no. And keep in mind that attractiveness
to a collector is based on a number of different
factors. Does one have fond memories of a particular
unit for one. Honestly, and believe me I'm not running
it's appearance down, the TS-802 would look right at
home on the set of Star Trek. While the Mindset, at a
time when systems needed to be modular in order to
sell, did the best with that type of arrangement.
 And before I looked it up, I thought you may have
been referring to the TS-803/1603. I laughed, and said
no way (and I'd LOVE to own either of those also). One
of those would seem right at home in the cantina on
Star Wars w/the monitor grafted onto the side!

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