Apple ][ vs.TRS-80

Al Hartman alhartman at
Thu Feb 1 15:58:38 CST 2007

In the late 70's and early 80's I think the TRS-80 outsold the Apple II's. Mainly because there were more outlets selling TRS-80's (Radio Shack and Tandy Stores) than there were selling Apple II Computers.

But, I can say as a former New Yorker, and a Computer Consultant at that time, that I saw MANY more Apple II's running VisiCalc than I did TRS-80's.

The Apple II overtook the TRS-80 and by 1984 or so, the Model I/III/IV was pretty well dead and dying as a platform, while the Apple IIe and IIgs had plenty of life left in them.

I loved my TRS-80, but I also lusted after an Apple IIe chock full of Applied Engineering goodies...

I never did get one of those, though I have several IIgs machines and a IIc.

Phila, PA

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