TRS-80 Model I

Dan ragooman at
Thu Feb 1 17:36:46 CST 2007

yea, back then in high School, my friend had one too. We use to make 
gadgets to hook up to the expansion port. Nobody I knew had an Apple ][. 
I finally got one in the early 80's before I switched to the C64. We 
even try to sell one of our Model I gadgets, analog joystick, out of the 
computer magazine back then. I found one later on back in the 80's for a 
lot cheaper, one of the first in my collection. I don't have much 
software for it, something I like to get more of someday.


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Jay West wrote:
> Al wrote...
>> I have a HUGE softspot in my heart for the TRS-80 Model I, having 
>> purchased a 16k, Level I unit in December of 1978. A unit, I still 
>> own today,
> That's the one system I don't have in my collection that I'd really 
> like to - a TRS-80 model I with tandy monitor and perhaps the 
> expansion unit. I never owned one, but a lot of my friends in the late 
> 70's timeframe did and we always fought about if my Apple ][+ was 
> better than their TRS80 :)
> Jay

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