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> I read a long while back that several people had gotten the Plato 
> Network running again, I was looking on the Plato People site, but I 
> guess they may not be the ones doing it, but someone else.
> I have The Learning Phone which is a software package developed by Atari 
> and Control Data in late 1983 to allow Atari 8bit computers to dial into 
> and connect to the Plato Network.
> I wanted to see if the network is back up and if they have standard 
> modem dial in numbers as I'd really love to see the system working again 
> on my Atari 800.

Its my understanding that the PLATO system is running on an emulator
on a PC.  No genuine terminals, no genuine hardware, just a
simulation.  While that lets you experience the software again (to be
honest, I don't know where they got the images to run on the
simulator!), there isn't any genuine hardware in the setup.  IIRC, to
connect to it you use telnet.
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