How to archive a 16mm film of an RCA 501

David Barnes davebarnes at
Fri Feb 2 19:33:13 CST 2007


Unfortunately once a print has started with 'vinegar syndrome' , if  
its BAD it usually cannot be saved, but this is a slow process and  
depending upon how bad the 'curl' is it can be treated so that it can  
be run through a projector and captured.

I collect 16mm films and have had to get rid of a couple prints over  
the years due to vinegar syndome.  (which is basically caused by the  
film base breaking down).

What you CAN do , its take the reel and give it LOTS of air (garage,  
etc ) outside of its can.

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On Feb 2, 2007, at 7:33 PM, Bob Rosenbloom wrote:

> I have access to a 16mm film reel with sound of an RCA 501  
> demonstration. It's not in very good shape though. It has curled  
> some and smells like vinegar. Is there any way to transfer it  
> without destroying it, and what's the best way to preserve what's  
> left?
> Bob

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