How to archive a 16mm film of an RCA 501

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> I have access to a 16mm film reel with sound of an RCA 501 demonstration. It'
s not in very good shape though. It has curled some and smells like vinegar. Is
 there any way to transfer it without destroying it, and what's the best way to
 preserve what's left?
> Bob

There are lots of people who understand how to restore film; I am not
sure how many of them can be afforded on a hobbyists budget, however.

I would begin my search by talking with 16mm film collectors.
Scanning the images on each frame is probably doable with a consumer
film scanner.  Recovering the audio track is more problematic as its a
continuous optical track running along the edge of the film and can't
be easily captured without moving the film in some sort of continuous

Still, I'm just a complete n00b at film restoration, so I would start
by finding a discussion group for 16mm film collectors.
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