TRS-80 Model I

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>Let's look at contemporaries (1977 micros).  The Sol-20 had 64x16 text, 
>and unless you polled the hblank signal and limited yourself to poking 
>one character per 50 uS, you'd get snow on the screen.  There were 
>others that had the snow problem as well (eg, exidy sorcerer).  The 
>TRS-80 didn't have the snow problem, but it too had a 64x16 text 
>display.  The PET (which I never used) also had character graphics of 
>the most pathetic sort.

It did have the snow problem (more correctly flashing) save for the cpu 
was so slow at 1.7mhz that it was less likely too.

It also didn't have lower case, Sol20 aka the VDM-1 video did!  

Apple did some neat things but they went in differnt directions at different


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