Where to obtain diskette labels?

Jim Leonard trixter at oldskool.org
Mon Feb 5 13:06:29 CST 2007

While the subject of *removing* diskette labels has cropped up before 
(for example, 
http://www.classiccmp.org/pipermail/cctech/2002-October/003294.html), I 
don't think I've seen any discussion on where to obtain *new* ones.  I'm 
setting up a PCjr system for a friend and would like to prepare a nice 
set of software for him, but I have no labels.  A while ago, I tried 
generic Avery mailing labels that I thought would work, but after a few 
months the adhesive dried up and they all fell off.  Any suggestions? 
Newly-created sources preferred; I tried some old labels in "new old 
stock" I have but after 20 years they're dead on arrival; they don't 
stick as soon as you pull them off their backing.

On a related note, what's the best adhesive to re-apply labels that have 
fallen off?  I have some commercial software (games, etc.) where the 
label is historically relevant and I'd like to re-attach it.
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