Preservation of correspondence

woodelf bfranchuk at
Tue Feb 6 14:30:22 CST 2007

arcarlini at wrote:

>>                          Mine have been gradual.
> I _think_ many of mine (not yet into double digits) were badly written
> rather than victims of decay. I only know for certain of one CD and one
> DVD that tested OK at write-time and failed at some later stage. Both 
> of those were total failures. The very first failure I noticed (the one
> that taught me that a checksum of some sort was useful!) was a partial
> failure - only a few files were unrecoverable and those were available
> elsewhere anyway. I've had many more failed-verification-during-write
> cases, and when I play around with those I usually find that only a
> few blocks of data are dead.
At what speed do you write them?  I think 1x speed would work the best,
but that about a hour for your data.

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