TRS-80 Model I

Tony Duell ard at
Tue Feb 6 14:44:30 CST 2007

> >
> > some pcs didnt have dma. Tandy 1000...IBM
> > Peanut...Sanyo MBC-5xx too IIRC...
> > Correct (well, it was option in the Tandy 1000, it 
> > was included on the
> > RAM expansion board).
>  What was it, the 8237, actually came on the ram
> board? I probably knew this at one time. I have about

I beleive it was. IIRC the Tandy 1000 was originally intended as a PC-jr 
compatible. I don't know if any later 1000-series machines had DMA as 
standard, though. These amchines are not particularly common in the UK, 
we ahd our own range of cheap PC-compatibles made by Amstrad (all of 
which, AFAIK, had DMA controllers as standard).

>  I used to call things like that semi-compatible, but
> the term is misleading. Now I just say pseudo-

I use the term' IBM incompatibles' to cover such machines (and the 
Victor 9000/Sirius, HP150, HP110, DEC Rainboq, etc). That is, 8086/8088 
based machines that run MS-DOS but which will not run most IBM PC programs.


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