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Tue Feb 6 15:33:49 CST 2007

woodelf wrote:
> At what speed do you write them?  I think 1x speed would work the
> best, but that about a hour for your data.

I tend to write DVD-R at 4x, although the batch I have at the moment
will go down to 2x (but not 1x ... I think that the acceptable speeds
are encoded onto the media). I think that the CD-Rs I have will go down
to x or 8x but I tend to write them at 24x or so. In fact the CD-Rs
are rated at 52x writing (or something equally ridiculous) but the
DVD rewriter drive won't do them at more than 36x or so.

I don't know whether write speed makes much of a difference. I just
think that if it can just about cope with 52x then giving it a little
longer (by writing at say 24x) should mean it doesn't have to turn
the laser up so high to heat up the medium (or maybe it can just 
write the medium a little more thoroughly). But I have no idea whether
either of those might be true and I certainly do not have the 
equipment to examine the disks physically and check.

Of course, writing at a lower speed should mean I'm less likely to 
hit a buffer underrun - although drives mask such problems these
days it does eat away at the available space a little.


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