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Adrian Graham wrote:
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>> I remember CD caddies :)
>> I recall back at secondary school in my first
>> year there (year 7 for UK'ers), in 1990/1, that
>> the new computer in the library used CD's
>> which were in see through plastic.
>> Essentially the "CD" of the time was like
>> floppy discs - the writable media (medium?)
>> was encased in protective plastic shell.
> Sounds like the Philips 1x speed CD that was used by DEC as the
> RRD40. It took standard CD-ROMs but they were inserted in a plastic
> shell because the drive had no tray or any other means of supporting
> the CD. 
> My own RRD40 caddies are 250 miles away but I've got a drive at work
> :) 

Mine are right here but you've saved me the bother of photographing
an example (the bit that pulls out was called the "antlers"

I would have thought that seven years ago the RRD40 was already
a distant memory. (Its predecessor BTW was the RRD50 which was
a tabletop unit top-loading CD-ROM that was _slower_ than 1x!)

In a school in 1990 I would guess that this is just the
standard "flip-top" lid caddy that many early CD-ROM units
used. I can see ten of them over to the left; I could take
a snap of one of those too but there must be gazillions
on the net already.

Indeed here is one:

and here's a diagram from SGI just to be clear about
how it works:


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