Synertek 2650-P-01

Tim Shoppa tshoppa at
Wed Feb 7 10:17:10 CST 2007

Christian Corti writes:
> I have some Synertek 2650-P-01 (date code 7720) that
> are definitely *not* 2650 CPUs, along with some
> AMI 1315-P-2 (seems to be some kind of keyboard 
> encoder). They come from some old Courier 270
> display terminals. So what's a 2650-P-01 ?

Synertek made character generator chips (really mask ROM)
and LSI video scan generators that commonly appeared
in 70's devices. Doesn't help narrow down what was
in that terminal, but the point is they did a lot of stuff
for that market (including CPU's in the first microprocessor

Didn't somebody from that era at Synertek talk at VCF
East last year?


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