Preservation of correspondence

Chuck Guzis cclist at
Wed Feb 7 11:21:48 CST 2007

Ï'm finishing a job that I found interesting in that it illustrates a 
problem with media preservation that hadn't occurred to me.

We were sent about 100 8" diskettes for conversion which I didn't 
think was unusual at all until I started to read the material from 
them.  These are oral history transcriptions--with "shall remain 
sealed for 15 (up to 20; the period varies) years before publication" 
notices on them. 

I checked with the sender and yes, indeed, these were created 
(transcribed from audio cassette tape) and stored in sealed boxes for 
the entire time.

Fortunately, there was only one unrecoverable error in the entire lot-
-and it was in an unallocated area.    But I thought it was 
interesting in that it points up the issue that it's sometimes *not* 
possible to recopy things to newer media every few years, regardless 
of one's desire to preserve the content.


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