Removing labels - lighter fluid

Chuck Guzis cclist at
Wed Feb 7 12:27:07 CST 2007

On 7 Feb 2007 at 11:53, Jim Leonard wrote:

> Remember that I'm not removing labels from just any old surface, I'm 
> removing them from floppy disk jackets.  Won't generic paint thinner 
> warp/dissolve/erode/ruin the jacket?
> Even if it won't, what's the best way to apply it so that it won't run 
> onto the media?  Soak a rag and start rubbing?

Paint (not lacquer)  thinner is pretty benign stuff--safe for most 
plastics.  When I remove labels, I first examine the label.  Some 
manufacturer's labels are shiny coated stock--if that's the case, I 
scuff the surface of the label with a copper scouring pad 
(nonferrous; doesn't "shed" like Scotchbrite or sandpaper).  This 
allows whatever you use to soak through the label.

I brush the paint thinner on with an acid brush only allowing it to 
wet the label.   After a 10-30 minute soak, the label should come 
right off.  Wipe off any excess thinner with a soft rag; eventually 
any remaining solvent will evaporate.  

This works for me for the "sticky" adhesive labels, but 
manufacturer's labels might be a different story. Maybe Isopropanol 
or methanol might be worth a try on those.



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