Preservation of Correspondence - And Media

Tony Duell ard at
Wed Feb 7 17:40:24 CST 2007

> Can't say the same for *some* players I've owned (thinks of Magnavox crap
> in wastebasket about three months later just after the warranty expired).

IIRC Magnavox are essentially Philips. In the UK, Philips CD players were 
knwon for developing dry joiuts. A complete re-solder would get them 
going again and then they'd essentially go for ever...

It's a pity about the dry joint problem. The swinging-arm pickup 
positioner (essentially like a moving coil meter movement) was a lot 
simpler than the 2-stage servo system (course positioneing using a motor 
and leadscrew, fine positioning usinf a 'moving coil movemnt' on the 
objective lense, and  has many fewer parts to wear out. So it should be 
ver y reliable...


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