Humpty Dumpty

Jay West jwest at
Wed Feb 7 21:36:33 CST 2007

Richard wrote....
> Its a Visual 500 terminal, and its significant because
>    a) in two years of monitoring ebay I haven't seen any other
>    Visual Technology terminals offered
>    b) it has graphics capability (Tektronix 4010 emulation)

I used to have a Visual terminal on my desk, complete with Tek 4010 
emulation. I thought it was rather unremarkable - I didn't like it.

I had no idea they were sought after. Bummer yours got ship(ping)wrecked. 
Who was the carrier? I had my first HP 264x term arrive like that... very 
busted up.

If we're not talking about retro appeal or collectability - but just a 'use 
it for work day in and day out' terminal, my favorite was the wyse-30, 


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