Copying a Mac Disk with a Single Drive

Scott Quinn compoobah at
Thu Feb 8 00:23:03 CST 2007

> If I am remembering correctly, older systems can't format during a
> copy, but later ones can.  What I seem to think was the single-disk
> copying procedure is to eject the System disk (Flower-E or Flower-1?),
you want <COMMAND>-E for copying. the "1" thing (<COMMAND> <SHIFT> 1 if 
I remember right) was the "force eject" for the first floppy drive at 
startup if normal methods (drag-to-trash or eject command) failed.

> It's all quite tedious, but possible.  If there's anyway you can
> borrow a second 400K floppy, you will find this somewhat trivial.  You
> can also copy 400K disks in more modern Macs, so don't think you are
> limited to using a 128K Mac to copy single-sided MFS disks.  I can't
> say for certain how new the gear can be, but at the very least, I'd be
> surprised if a Mac SE or SE/30 running System 6 couldn't still do it.

You want to use either a Mac II or earlier, or a SE/30 or IIcx/IIci 
with an external 400 or 800k floppy. The SuperDrive (original 
SuperDrive, not the "new" CD/DVD one) [present on all Macs since the 
IIx, many IIs and some SEs (SE FDHD)] has the smaller head size and 
your older machine won't read it properly. WRT the swapping- can't 
recall at this point if changing the disk cache/RAM cache (depending on 
your system version)  setting makes any difference, but the default 
gives you lots of wrist exercise even on a 4MB Mac SE/800k.

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