Removing labels - lighter fluid

Robert Ollerton rollerton at
Thu Feb 8 10:32:07 CST 2007

I would start with Naphtha (maybe called "Naptha" in USA) first as its about
the most gentle petro based solvent thats easily available.  "paint thinner"
has various formulations depending on the brand and is probably too harsh on
plastics, perhaps a fast soak and wipe off to dry might be ok but if your
item is precious I would be wary.  The difference in how these solvents burn
your skin will tell you how harsh they are!

Goof Off and similar products come in a water based version (no VOC) that I
use for soaking labels and media like tape and film to soften and wash off
dried or sticky glue residue.

Sometimes it takes a combination of solvents to clean.  For instance Naptha
and then a dilute alkline cleaner like 409/simple green followed by a rinse
or wipe with distilled water.

If you item is really valuable, forget all of this and go get some real

On 2/8/07, der Mouse <mouse at> wrote:
> > It is called "nafta", is a powerful remover and lighter fluid.
> A more conventional spelling - probably more useful to anyone looking
> for it online - is "naphtha".  At least assuming that's the substance
> you are referring to; the only meaning lists for "nafta"
> is the North American Free Trade Agreement.
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