semi-unique terminals / was Re: Humpty Dumpty

Brent Hilpert hilpert at
Thu Feb 8 15:41:24 CST 2007

Richard, this isn't as exciting as a graphics terminal, but a terminal you
might be interested in keeping an eye out for is the Ann Arbor Ambassador. For
the most part it's 'just' an ASCII RS-232 terminal with an approx. 14"
monitor, but it has the ability to do * 60 * lines on screen. (The number of
lines could be keyboard/software selected to values like 24, 36, 48, 60).

I think the Ambassador came out circa 1981. In that era it was a great
terminal to use for programming, esp. with a windowed text editor like EMACS.
By contrast, using a 'normal' 24-line terminal felt like programming through
a peep-hole.

IIRC, even a few years earlier (late 70's) Ann Arbor made a terminal with 40
lines on screen. Nothing earth-shaking, but somewhat unusual for a basic ASCII
terminal in the era of 24-line screens.

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