Bugs in computer hardware (real ones)

Billy Pettit Billy.Pettit at wdc.com
Thu Feb 8 16:28:51 CST 2007

John C. Ellingboe wrote:
Bob Rosenbloom wrote:
> I have a dual floppy system from Computer Automation that
> some kind of insect had made a nest in a long time ago. I'm not sure how
to remove the stuff. I tried water but it has no effect. It's hard as
concrete! I can chip it but it takes quite a bit of force and I don't want
to rip off any components under it. Any ideas? Here's some photos:
> <http://www.dvq.com/oldcomp/1kx768/cc_flpy2.JPG>
> <http://www.dvq.com/oldcomp/1kx768/cc_flpy3.JPG>
> <http://www.dvq.com/oldcomp/1kx768/cc_flpy4.JPG>
> Thanks,
> Bob

Dirt/mud dauber nest...  They can be removed with water and a
brush but it will take a bit of work..  Chip away what you can
safely, use something a little stiff like an acid brush and add
a little detergent to the water.  What ever they add to the dirt
is somewhat water resistant but it will wash away after a bit.


What they add is saliva, which dries extremely hard, like a varnish.  What
I've done with these nests which I find in the eaves occasionally, is just
simply water.  If I'm worried about the finish (or in your case, the
components) I use a thin sponge taped over the nest.  Keep it soaked by
watering every day.  Usually a week is enough for the nest to fall off.  It
leaves a ring that I take off with a white (no scratch) Scotch Brite pad and
warm water.


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