Sixel graphics (was: Humpty Dumpty)

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Fri Feb 9 17:41:19 CST 2007

On Fri, February 9, 2007 23:23, Ethan Dicks wrote:

>> I think so, it was the standard model for the MINC Lab computer and some
>> of the docs I've got show waveform style graphics.
> My MINC came with a VT105, but I've done some reading and it appears
> that VT55/VT105 waveform graphics are supported with a standard VT125
> (along with all its other features, such as video *in* with text
> overlay)

Hmm, maybe I'm remembering wrong about the VT125 being standard, I've got
lots of the MINC newsletters and remembered it from there. If needs be I
can probably dig them out.

>> > So if you see a slab approx 15"x9"x3" marked VT240 or VT241 at a
>> > hamfest, it's easy to turn that back into a terminal - just add an
>> The same casing was used for the DECmux and DECtalk
> Yep.  I was pretty sure it was the same case, but I didn't want to be
> the one to make that assertion first.  I've only ever seen one or two
> DECtalk boxes in the wild.

I've not seen any since those days; I found a couple of boxes at work that
I hoped were DECtalk but they were DECmux instead. Bits of me are saying
that the DEREP (the 'other side' to a DECbridge) also used the same casing
but I wouldn't swear by that, it's got to be 15 years or so since I last
saw one!

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