Portable Sun on ebay # 250082537181

Steve Shumaker shumaker at att.net
Sat Feb 10 18:55:47 CST 2007

wow  Haven't seen one of these in many a day     This was one of a 
handful of companies that repackaged sparc motherboards in custom 
enclosures for unique (read mostly govt) clients.  Most of the 
systems were unmodified sparc motherboards with 4? sbus slots and all 
the trimmings.   Besides this one, there as also an outfit in 
Pasadena that built one that looked a lot like one of the old Zenith 
laptops.   I used one of those as a portable forensics machine for 
several years in the early 90s.   It came with the ability to emulate 
both the PC DOS environment as well as the MAC OS.    Was clunky but 
it worked like a dream and gave me Unix, DOS, and Mac all in the same box.

s shumaker

At 04:34 PM 2/10/2007, you wrote:
>Ethan Dicks wrote:
>>On 2/10/07, Richard <legalize at xmission.com> wrote:
>>>Never heard of one of these, but I was surprised to read it was a Sun?
>>>Is this an x86 Sun or a ruggedized/portable SPARC or somesuch?
>> From the look of the backpanel, it sure looks like a SPARC to me
>>(unless there happens to be some circuit inside that converts Sun
>>keyboard/mouse to PC - quite unlikely).
>Especially since those look to be Sbus slots.
>Peace...  Sridhar

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