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Zane H. Healy healyzh at
Mon Feb 12 12:42:23 CST 2007

>    Speaking of which...does it make sense to start preserving  
> (hoarding) older, low-capacity hard drives, be they IDE or SCSI, for  
> smaller machines?  They seem to be drying up fast.
>              -Dave


Several years ago (around '98/99), the most "valuable" Hard drive in my
collection was a 20MB SCSI HD, as it allowed me to transfer some software
onto my PDP-11.  It was the *ONLY* SCSI HD in my collection that was smaller
than 100MB (IIRC, I needed 30MB or smaller).

For the past several years I've been collecting 2GB Seagate Barracuda Narrow
SCSI drives when I can find them, as well as other small Narrow SCSI drives. 
As I hope to be able to have enough to outlast my PDP-11's, Amiga's, and
Atari TT030.

For my VAXstations, I've got 40+ StorageWorks drives, as well as plenty of
StorageWorks shelves and fans.

I'm also collecting large capacity SCSI drives for my Alpha's, Sun's, and
SGI O2's.

I probably have enough EIDE drives for my PC's and PowerMac G4.  I've quite
honestly not given this as much thought as I maybe should.

I even have a few RD52's, 2 RD54's, and a couple ESDI drives.  I've even
saved the dead RD53's I have, but haven't had a chance to try to revive

Also take a look at spare powersupplies, fans, and any strange CD/DVD-ROM
requirements (such as 512-byte block SCSI).  If you use external disk
enclosures, it would be a good idea to have spares of them as well.  Spare
floppy drives are also a good idea.

Yes, I've given this some thought over the past 10 years, and have been
stock piling all of that time.  I just hope I don't have anything that is
the equivalent of the DEC RD53 drives in my spares collection!

My big concern in the coming years is likely to be suitable monitors for
various systems.


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