Sixel graphics

jd onymouse at
Mon Feb 12 08:40:53 CST 2007

Bill Pechter wrote:
> You're correct on the graphics support.
> The only graphics in the VT100/VT101/VT102 were the DEC graphics line
> drawing set -- if you can call that graphics.
> Bill
> On 2/9/07, Richard <legalize at> wrote:
>> In article <0JD500346VGN4EW3 at>,
>>     Allison <ajp166 at>  writes:
>> > Error!  VT100 had sixel graphics as did VT220, 320 and 340 added color,
>> > VT1200 as full graphics (xterm).
>> Sorry, but I just don't think this is correct.

How is it possible to draw full-screen photo images on a VT320 & 420 then?
Obviously they're 1-bit color and it takes a few minutes but it has been done.
Must have some sort of graphics capability. I recall reading in the manuals that 
there was the sixel capability enabled with a particular escape sequence.

The same photo image would appear in 4-bit color on the VT340. Takes longer to 

Could do the same on a plasma touch terminal (forgot the name) emulating 
VT100/102, as well.

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