A newbie and an IBM 5360

john ball ballsandy at msn.com
Mon Feb 12 18:41:40 CST 2007

First off, I'm new to cctalk so please be easy on me. :)
Anyways, I ahve always been facinated by those older pieces of history that 
IBM made and distrubuted. About six months ago I got the idea to start 
searching and find one to add to my collection of computers. After some hard 
searching I found this one:


An IBM 5360 with quite a few extras and best of all, it was free!
The corestore also has one but it's less than complete.


I thought it was perfect for a person who was starting in this new realm of 
computing until I spotted something:

Location: Heartford, CT
Shipping: Pickup only

Great! the thing is all the way across the country. By the looks of it I am 
going to have to give it up (I doubt anyone would hold it for me, you would 
have to be crazy to even mention it to the wife). I'm just giving a heads up 
that it's in existance and if anyone wants it (or help me) they can feel 
free to get it.

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