HP 88780 compatibility with Emulex TC13

User Staylor staylor at mrynet.com
Tue Feb 13 19:17:25 CST 2007

I've recently managed to get my HP 88780 drives to ALMOST work with a PDP-11/34a.

The controller I'm using is an Emulex TC13, TS11 compatible.

Tape movement control seems fine, but data transfers are a problem.  At most I've
been able to get the first one or two blocks read or written.  However, the TC13
errors out and usually puts the drive offline.  ultrix 3.1 and xxdp both choke when
trying to talk to the 88780 drives.

So,  thought I'd check... Does anyone have an HP 88780 drive working with an Emulex
TC13 controller?  As I've tried three different drives I'm starting to wonder if
the TC13 simply won't communicate well with the 88780.

Please respond to staylor at smedley.mrynet.com if replying directly, or to the
cctalk list.



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