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Jim Leonard trixter at
Tue Feb 13 22:19:39 CST 2007

Marvin Johnston wrote:
>> From: Dave McGuire <mcguire at>
>>    Speaking of which...does it make sense to start preserving  
>> (hoarding) older, low-capacity hard drives, be they IDE or SCSI, for  
>> smaller machines?  They seem to be drying up fast.
> I've been doing that for some time, and probably have about 50 or so stockpiled.
> BUT, it may be just a waste of time. I put up 20 100-450 MB IDE and SCSI HDs on
> VCM, then Ebay, and back on VCM more out of curiosity to see if there was a
> demand. Right now, there doesn't seem to be.

Eventually, there might be.  IDE drives from 300-500 (but under the 
540MB BIOS limit of early 386s) are still somewhat sought after.  I 
wouldn't expect more than $5 for each drive though.
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