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>> I have a Calcomp 563 drum plotter on my 8/E.
>> (need to make a better page now
>> that I have it running. Showed it at the last VCF east)
>> to demo but didn't find much.  Anybody know of some good ones?   
>> The format
> With my Calcomp 1038 I encountered the same problem since the
> plotter language PCI/906 died out and I do not have got any
> documentation about this. In reverse engineering I found
> out how to do the basic operations (gotoxy and pen up / pen
> down) and wrote a converter progaram. To get samples my
> choice was to take the hp2xx utility which is available for
> many platforms. With this you can convert HPGL to a simple
> gotoxy-style which is than easy to process. This saved a lot
> of work on an own interpreter and you are able to plot
> most of the hpgl files...
> By the way: Any documents about PCI906 ot it's successor
> PCI/907 out there?
>    Best regards,
>       Erik.

I have a copy of "Calcomp 906/907/951/PCI Online Controller  
Installation Manual"
in which section 3 is 'Command Descriptions' which has 49 pages of  

Would this help?


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