Tek 7904 scope

Don North ak6dn at mindspring.com
Thu Feb 15 18:30:47 CST 2007

Tom Peters wrote:
> At 12:28 PM 2/15/2007 -0500, you wrote:
>> On Feb 14, 2007, at 7:34 PM, Tom Peters wrote:
>>> I just missed out on a Tek 7904 scope (four trace) with four plug- 
>>> ins for $299. Was that a deal? The plugins were 7A26 7A18 7CTIN and
>>> 7B53A.
>>   Yes, that was a pretty decent deal, especially if you don't have
>> to pay to ship it.  Assuming it's functional of course.  They've been
>> known to go for less, especially if they're all beaten up, but if
>> it's in good shape a 7904 can easily fetch $299.
> I went back to them and countered with $240. I won the deal and will 
> pay $240 plus fiddy-two bucks to ship it. Woohoo!
>>> Looks like a 500mhz scope, but with plugins good for 200mhz and a
>>> curve tracer.
>>   Umm...the curve tracer (7CT1N probably) came with it??  That
>> would've been a *serious* score then.  That plugin alone typically
>> goes for $150-300.
>>> Are plugins for that scope readily avaiable and reasonably priced?
>>   Yes, they're all over the place.  There are some really neat ones
>> available for 7000-series scopes, too...Differential amplifiers,
>> logic analyzers, spectrum analyzers, the aforementioned curve tracer,
>> all sorts of stuff.  It's a fantastic platform.
> I'm wondering if there's a list somewhere of just what plugins I can 
> drool over and/or search for. I'm not having any luck phrasing my 
> search properly so far. Like maybe a channel input amp that will give 
> me better bandwidth so I can do some VHF/UHF with it. I hear that the 
> 7A26 is good up to 200 mHz? Is that right?

Yup, correct. Go to http://www.caip.rutgers.edu/~kahrs/testeq/7000.html  
for tables and pix of 7000 series stuff.

The 7A29 is a single channel 1GHz plugin, 7B92A or 7B10/7B15 timebases.

The S4/7S11/7T11 combo is cool if you want a10+GHz sampling capability.

I have a 7104 with 7A29s, 7B10/15 and S4/7S11/7T11 and it is pretty cool 
70s technology.

Don North

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