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At 12:46 PM 2/17/2007 -0800, you wrote:
>>If I want to get up to 500 MHz (70 cm is 400+ right?) I could try to locate
>>a 7A29, or maybe there's another cheeper one? That's question number 1.
>>2. Sounds like one definitely has to have a better timebase plugin, you
>>seem to be implying that, to make use of the bandwidth of the 7A29, right?
>>Which one, you list three. Or any of the above?
>I suggest you try to locate a older tek catalog from the 1980s. They
>are excellent sources of information.
>As far as amplifier plug ins, you could use a 7A19 also as they go to 600 MHz.
>7A29  DC to 1 GHz
>7A19 DC to 600 MHz
>7A24 DC to 400 MHz Dual Trace
>All these are 50 ohm input by my 1987 catalog.
>Time Bases are the
>7B80 Triggering to 400 MHz Basic Delayed Time Base
>7B85 Triggering to 400 MHz Delta Delaying Time Base
>7B92A Triggering to 500 MHz Dual Time Base, Delayed and Delaying
>I think the 7B85 is the most common and the most sought after time base.
>Another fun thing about the Tektronix catalogs is their original 1987
>asking prices
>7904A Mainframe  $10,115  (no plugins)
>7A29  $3,325
>7A19  $2,895
>7A24  $2,655
>7B80  $1,660
>7B85  $1,940         This plug was in high demand on the used market
>7B92A  $3,745
>7CT1N  $1,785
>7A26  $2,350        This plug was in high demand on the used market
>7A18  $1,465
>7B53A  $1,860        This plug was in high demand on the used market
>When I was selling Tek used equipment 10-15 years ago I felt lucky to
>get 10% of those prices. I bet it is a lot cheaper now.
>Nice scopes. I regretted getting rid of my 7603.

Wow Pax, very juicy and flavorful information. Thanks!

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