Xebec Winchester controller

jd onymouse at garlic.com
Sun Feb 18 18:40:10 CST 2007

Jules Richardson wrote:
> jd wrote:
>> Here's one that even HP Greeley couldn't help with:
>> Looking for specs and ROMS or ROM images for Xebec Winchester 
>> controllers such as those used in the HP 9133A disk.
> Which board was that? I've got a few of the S1410 boards I think... I 
> won't be near them (or a EPROM reader) for a few weeks. I'm not sure 
> that it'll help anyway; I've got a feeling that Xebec often produced 
> custom ROMs for specific manufacturers. Most of mine will be Torch; HP 
> ones are probably different.
>> I have the HP manuals and there is not enough info in them.
> >
>> Somewhere I (may still) have DIP switch settings for the board, 
>> obtained experimentally. I do not have
Theyre not S1410's. Not even close. They have the black brick in the 
middle, HPIB connector and connect to two ST506-type drives. I have one 
connected to a Seagate and a Shugart 5Mb and one connected to a Shugart 
Since they are buried deeply in storage I can't see them (or get to them 
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