New DEC museum entry :D

Zane H. Healy healyzh at
Mon Feb 19 19:45:02 CST 2007

At 12:11 AM +0000 2/20/07, Tony Duell wrote:
>How many tims do I have to repeat 'Never switch on a classic computer
>without doing some PSU tests first' ?

Face it Tony, someone is always going to be doing it.  Don't tell me 
that you've *never* done it. :^)  Sometimes it's easy to forget in 
the excitement of a new system.

Actually how about a clarification here.  Are you saying *ALWAYS* 
test the PS before turning the system?  Or just when it's been idle 
for a while?  I do know when the time comes for me to power my 
PDP-11/44 back on, I'll be testing the PS first (I've not been able 
to use it for over 6 years).


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