Anyone in NW London?...

Adrian Graham witchy at
Tue Feb 20 13:16:32 CST 2007

On 20/2/07 18:46, "Jules Richardson" <julesrichardsonuk at> wrote:

> ... who might be able to pick up and hang on to some NeXT stuff for five weeks
> or so? We've got an offer of some stuff but it has to be out of the owner's
> house by next Monday, and I'm not back in the UK until the end of March.

I'll be in NW London (Uxbridge) tomorrow with my new car, if he's about I
can call in.
> [1] Witchy, did you get my last email with contact details for the guy? My

Just landed now as it happens, dated today at 17:24...I *must* get a new
ADSL router for home! The old (new!) netgear keeps locking up......

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