Google on hard drive failures

Guy Sotomayor ggs at
Wed Feb 21 13:02:22 CST 2007

There's an even *more* interesting paper on this from a CMU post-doc 
(math warning...lots of statistics) that seems to blow away many (if not 
all) assumptions about drive failures/quality/raid/etc.

It was presented at the same conference that the Google paper was.  I'll 
see if I can't dig up a URL to it.

Tim Shoppa wrote:
> Google has a very vast herd of machines with a
> large number of hard drives. Very fruitful
> that they analyze failures and publish
> the results to the web!
> While the drives they are studying are definitely
> not classic (all dating from 2001 or later),
> those of us who host large quantities of classic
> material may find the results of interest:
> Side note: at one point I found it unbelievable
> that Google was using consumer-grade hardware
> to host their stuff. Since then, I've developed a
> lot of respect for this approach!
> Tim.


TTFN - Guy

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