Real Time Clock - was: Is this true?? (TI & watches)

Dan ragooman at
Thu Feb 22 16:46:14 CST 2007

well, the first real-time computer is the Whirlwind(MIT). A real-time 
machine makes use of a real-time clock to provide deterministic 
calculations. This was the precursor to the SAGE machine--also a 
real-time system. I used to work for SEL which was heavily involved in 
real-time systems, and which made one of the first 32bit real-time 
machines in the 70's.


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Billy Pettit wrote:
> Roger Holmes wrote:
> I wonder which was the first computer with a real time clock, what  
> year and how
> it was implemented. I imagine it was invented primarily for charging  
> for computer
> time. I think the first machine I programmed, the IBM 7094 had one  
> because if
> your job ran over its limit time (30 seconds IIRC), the job was  
> aborted. Unless that
> was the operator looking at his wrist watch!
> Roger Holmes
> ---------------------
> The earliest I worked on was the CDC 1604, shipping in 1959.  It used a 1ms
> increment and a 48 bit count.  Like you mention, it was used for job
> control.  But most of the early customers were military and used it for data
> logging from various experiments.  That's a nice way of saying they made
> bombs and exploded them.
> Billy

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