New DEC museum entry :D (not the breaker sub-thread)

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Anyone seen something like this 'mains plug in a sealed tin box' arrangement
before? The thing's got to be 4 or 5 inches by 2.5 inches so whatever goes
on in there is anyone's guess. If I was at work I may be tempted to unhook
the earth wire that's bolted to the chassis but it's there for a
reason....though normally I'd expect that to be there to ensure the psu
casing was never live.


Apple used devices like this in their 21" monitors, I forget the model #'s ,
when I was working for a local scrapper in the seattle area, we got 30 of
these in as "dead" 28 of them were resurrected by replacing the filter units
with similarly rated units from a local parts place.  
 We were given the monitors as scrap, the replacement parts were $14.95 each
and we sold the monitors after making sure that was the only repairs that
they needed for $395.00 to 595.00 (the monitors were over a grand new at the

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