I found some old files...

Andrew Burton aliensrcooluk at yahoo.co.uk
Sat Feb 24 18:10:56 CST 2007

  ok, just to keep you folks updated I just downloaded StopZilla (anti-adware, anti-spyware and anti-phishing (whats that?) software) - I downloaded AVG Free, the latest version, last night which is a anti-virus program. 
Ok, onto retro stuff...
  Today I was testing out the disk drive on my laptop. For this I was going through a bunch of PC disks I bought ages ago - I was gonna erase them and use them on my Amiga.
Amongst them were some retro games (some that were unplayable due to my CPU being too fast - 700MHz vs. the original 8MHz-ish!), various utilities, loads of pictures (in .PCX format) and one cool picture of New York (.bmp image).
  Worth noting were a several text files for retro computers which I shall stick online later.
Also worth having was the Gates Does Windows screensaver (very funny) and a tool to save the desktop image (just like I was able to do on the Amiga) - it works on Windows 2K despite being written around 1992!!!
Andrew B
aliensrcooluk at yahoo.co.uk
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