Bare Bones Kit?

David Griffith dgriffi at
Sun Feb 25 23:51:37 CST 2007

On Sun, 25 Feb 2007, Grant Stockly wrote:

> I have had a few people comment on the price of the Altair Kit.  Currently
> it takes a LOT of time to prepare a kit because of the amount of small
> parts involved.  (resistors, capacitors, IC sockets).
> I am considering a kit that contains only custom parts and parts that get a
> big benefit from quantity orders.  For example, I would ONLY include the
> case, power supplies, PCBs, ICs, switches, wire, and fasteners.
> I would provide a BOM with parts, quantity, and DigiKey part numbers (for
> the exact parts I would have bought)
> Making this change reduces the number of parts in the kit from 820 to 124.  :)
> The overall price would go down because of the parts not included, and even
> more for handling.
> I want to price it so I don't loose money, but also make it available to
> more people.  What is the price threshold you would have on buying one of
> these things?

I sympathize with you on the parts thing.  I'd be willing to buy such a

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