Restoring an XT - transfer problem

Tony Duell ard at
Mon Feb 26 16:56:06 CST 2007

>  Most 3.5ers have header type connectors, not card
> edge. I think he's going to have to snip the wire on
> that particular cable. Unless of course he's using one
> of those little adapter thingees with an available
> card edge connector on the end of his cable. That
> would be preferred. 

I doubt you can still get them, but I've seen those adapters (heck, I've 
got a couple in use on my 5160 machine) that were in the form of a small 
PCB with card edge fingers (to plug the cable connector onto) and a 2-row 
34 pin harder socket soldered to the PCB that fitted onto the back of the 
3.5" drive. And there was a jumper on the PCB labelled 'XT' and 'AT' that 
disconnected pin 34 inthe 'XT' position.


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