high school and timesharing

John Foust jfoust at threedee.com
Tue Jan 2 12:28:29 CST 2007

At 08:11 PM 12/21/2006, Jon Miles wrote:
>Wow, Tom, are you a Nicolet HS alumnus? From looking in my yearbooks I'm
>guessing class of '78?  [...] I then also went to
>UWM and got to work on their Edusystem 50 too. I remember renting a table
>top ASR33 and dialing into the UWM system from home.

I was dialing up to the UWM's machine from Shorewood on as ASR-33 in 1975,
although as part of an after-school programming class when I was 12.  :-)

- John

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