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Wed Jan 3 16:13:19 CST 2007

I've been using Computer Transportation Services since the late 70's or
early 80's, and don't remember ever having any problems with them. I used to
ship several 11/70's a month, and other systems and options.
I always call, and didn't even know their web site was


On 1/2/07, Richard <legalize at> wrote:
> We'll see how well they did tomorrow.
> I purchased several lots through dovebid; two could be packed and send
> ground with no problem and one needed freight.
> So I filled out two shipping quotes.
> They ended up i) combining the two quotes into a single shipment
> without bothering to mention this to me, ii) didn't pay attention when
> merging the orders and used my home address as the freight shipping
> address, iii) every time I deal with them, its a different person and
> they don't seem to know anything about my order or what state it is
> in, iv) when I explicitly asked them on the phone how I was going to
> pay for this, I got some sort of mumble "we'll deal with that later"
> answer.  I asked for a quote based on pessimistic (i.e. overly large
> and overly heavy) estimates on the equipment and *presto* the final
> order is exactly what their estimate based on my pessimistic
> measurements said.  Then they send me a bunch of digitized fax
> paperwork asking me to apply for a "line of credit" with them without
> me asking for any such thing.  Each step of the process was from a
> different email address/person at this company, making each attempt to
> contact me look like spam to spam filters.
> So overall it feels like they are incompetent.  They mismashed two
> separate orders together without telling me and half-assed combined
> them together, without paying any attention to what they were doing.
> I had the freight carrier call me today saying "so we're delivering to {my
> home address}, right?" and me having to correct them *after* I already
> told about the error and they informed me they would correct
> the problem and update the freight company.  This clearlyd id not happen.
> Then they email me saying "the freight company has been trying to contact
> you, is XXX-XXXX the right phone number?" without bothering to give me the
> name of the freight company or any way to contact them until I ask for it.
> Now I realize that noone is perfect and everyone has bad days, but
> they have made mistakes along every step of the way here, and as near
> as I can tell all the mistakes were made by different people.  It feels
> like they just assume they'll get dovebid business and don't have to
> bother doing a good job.
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