Archiving workstation hard drives

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Wed Jan 3 22:03:15 CST 2007

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> Another choice would be ufsdump or whatever it's called on your system
> (possibly fsdump or just dump.)

fsdump rings a bell.  However, one of the systems currently has a dead
power supply, I think.  The other system has been in a garage
environment for probably 5 years? or more, I'd have to ask the until-
recently owner.

What I was thinking was this: take these drives out of these systems
and attach them to something unixy with a SCSI interface and dump the
stuff over the network onto something I can use to write it on DVD-R.

That would at least get me a backup I can use now or in a few years or
whenever I get around to doing due diligence on bringing these
machines back to life.  I should also do this on the SGIs, but at the
moment I'm more concerned about the ESVs because of the lack of OS
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