SGI Onyx power cord?

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Thu Jan 4 20:15:33 CST 2007

On Thursday 04 January 2007 13:03, Jules Richardson wrote:
> Richard wrote:
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> >     "r.stricklin" <bear at>  writes:
> >> On Jan 3, 2007, at 1:18 PM, Richard wrote:
> >>> Any other Onyx owners on the list?
> >>
> >> Yes. I have a deskside RE2, and a rackmount dual-pipe IR.
> >
> > Sweet, that makes three of us who have this configuration!
> Sigh, we got offered an Onyx dual-pipe IR a while back - 24 x R10k
> CPUs and 4GB of RAM on it plus Sirius video as I recall. Unfortunately
> I couldn't persuade anyone else at the museum that it'd be a fun
> machine to have :-(

I've got a rackmount Onyx with R44k processors.  It's marked "test rack", 
an is in a purple rack with no sides, and a hole on the side, over part 
of a CPU board.  As well, it's got a different LCD than the Challenge 
XL's I've got; the LCD matches the one on the smaller, deskside Onyx I 

It was recovered from an SGI dumpster, and probably is a prototype 
machine.  Unfortunately, the graphics part seems to have some problem 
that keeps the machine from coming up when it's attached to the system.

Still, being a prototype/engineering test system does count for something 
even if it's not 100% working. :)

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